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  Cockatoo Rescue of 

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 TCRHR is a non profit rescue and sanctuary for Cockatoos of all varieties and select other parrot species. We are located in South Eastern Virginia and we are a PRO PARROT group.  We do not support breeders, pet shop sales or companies where the concern is money rather than what is best for the bird, and while we do adopt some of our birds out, We are NOT pro ownership for just everyone.

 Many cockatoos out there have lived lives as breeder birds, never knowing what its truly like to be given the opportunity to just be birds. Others have been mis-treated, misunderstood, neglected and abused. We want to be able to give these beautiful angels a safe haven to heal and be happy

In matters of adoption, our primary concern is for the health and welfare of the birds in our care. With that in mind  our goal is to insure that our adoptable birds become members of loving and educated homes Since many people are simply not equiped to handle such a complex creature we are selective in regards to the adoption process. We do home studies and follow-up with all our prospective bird parents and each adoption process includes a "return to too-ville" clause that insures that if for any reason the bird in question IS NOT a fit into the prospective  home, the bird in question will be returned back to us. 


While TCRHR is a rescue and sanctuary one of our goal is to provide current cockatoo owners with education and resources so that they are not forced to relinquish their feathered angels due to misunderstanding of this magnificant birds nature. When owners feel that due to circumstances they MUST find a new home for their Cockatoo, we will provide a home till we are able to find suitable parents or in some cases we will provide a forever home here at Too-ville.


All exotic bird species are not the same and our focus is on Cockatoos, However, Too-ville will on occasion take in other exotic bird species, this is based on a case by case basis and we will work with other rescue groups to insure that the bird in question will have the utmost care and living conditions with people that know and are familiar with that species.










My Take on the Cockatoos ownership.



If you are reading this, chances are you have been captivated by a cockatoo and are considering adding one into your family... Before making this lifetime committment please read my take on having a cockatoo in your life....



Are you thinking of adopting a parrot? Want a beautiful bird that will talk, cuddle and impress your friends?? Then... a Cockatoo IS NOT FOR YOU. Im not trying to sound negative but with a cockatoo, you are taking on a bird that is extremely high maintance. This bird IS NOT easy to keep in captivity. They need extremely specialized diets and care. They cant be kept in a cage without companionship and being part of a "flock"{ You being part of their flock} . Loneliness and improper caging and diet can lead to a bird that screams, bites and may eventually self mutilate. There is nothing more heartbreaking than to see a once beautiful, happy bird that has plucked its own feathers out and even opened its own skin because someone misunderstood what care this bird needed to be happy and healthy.


Cockatoo caging is expensive, their diet is expensive, vet care is expensive plain and simple. If you cant afford to give them what they need, please rethink your decision to buy one, the bird will be the one to suffer in the end if you arent financially prepared to give a cockatoo what it needs.


They are EXTREMELY smart and EXTREMELY destructive by nature.   Yes they CAN talk, but only if it wants to. They have the mental capacity of a two or three year old child and can get into twice as much mischief!!!  Are you ready to take on a child? If you choose a cockatoo you ARE taking on a child... think about it.


 You cannot train them not to chew and tear up whatever they can get their beaks on. I have seen our "toos" eat a shelf on a bookshelf in less than an hour. They cant be trained NOT to chew... ITS WHAT THEY DO , the nature of the beast, if you will.  These  birds are also  like Magellan....they  LOVE to travel new ground and everything they find on their explorations is potentially theirs to destroy. 


 Wood moulding, shelves, tables, cords, pictures, and 400 dollar speakers (my husband LOVED that)  anything and everything is up for grabs with a "too" . The best you,  as their caretaker can do,  is to give them as many TOYS TOYS TOYS as they can destroy and watch them like a hawk. This means either making toys or buying them and it can get pricey.


Do you have allergies? A cockatoo ISNT for you.  These birds are dusty. VERY VERY VERY dusty. They have a powder in their feathers and this dust gets everywhere. They also have long feathers on their heads that need preening regularly. Are you up for it?


Cockatoos are LOUD and Im not talking about just a little noisy, These birds can be heard for blocks and if you have close neighbors you can almost guarantee that you will get noise complaints. Again... this is part of the nature of the bird. Cockatoos are emotional birds and when they "get their feathers in a bunch" they will voice their displeasure or happiness at the top of their feathery lungs. Imagine sitting  near  a gigantic speaker at a concert at full volumne and you will have an idea of how loud a cockatoo can be. The term...' I cant hear myself think'  HAD to be coined by a cockatoo owner.


Do you have small children? Are you willing to risk a bite from a bird that can crack a nut with its beak? Even the most gentle of cockatoos on occasion, can and MIGHT bite. And trust me,.... it HURTS BADLY. I have a few scars to prove it. It wasnt the birds fault, it was mine for not paying close attention to the birds mood and body language. The bites I have suffered have been by birds who I THOUGHT would never bite.  You will be dealing with an animal that is probably only a generation or two from the wild and its nature is unpredictable.


There are tons of people out there breeding and selling these wonderful creatures without educating prospective owners about what it takes to keep these birds in captivity and the results are tragic. Before investing in a cockatoo please do your research and if you have any doubts... DONT buy one. There are many other species of parrot that would be better suited for your  budget and lifestyle.


After reading all this you may wonder.... Why do I do what I do.   The answer is simple. I love these birds. Their intelligence, beauty, grace and spirit caught my heart and makes me want to help make a difference. It isnt always easy and it isnt always fun but in the end.... if I can improve the quality of life for  just one of these magnificant creatures...  its all been worth it.


Thinking of relinquishing your cockatoo? Please feel free to email us at


Cockatoo Questions?





Birds for adoprtion: All of our ADOPTABLE  birds have currently been placed in loving and educated homes  and  we will update when new feathered friends become available.



Too-ville Rescue runs on donations and contributions from the community. Below is a "wish list" of items that we can always use  to improve/ build onto our current sancturary. If you can help email us directly.


We recently tore down our three old aviaries and our goal is to provide new modern aviaries/ outdoor caging for our birds during the summer months. If you can help we need the following items:


Heavy wire mesh/wire {spacing no more than 1 inch apart}

untreated lumber

landscaping plants


parrot caging

bird vitamins

parrot toys n treats

old flat sheets



vet care


Make a 99 cent donation to TCRHR. All Donations go to the care, feeding, housing and vet costs of the birds in our care