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                         Welcome to





                       Too~Ville Cockatoo Rescue of

                                Hampton Roads.



        Welcome to Too~ville Cockatoo rescue of Hampton Roads. TCRHR is a non profit organization dedicated to rescue and rehabilitation of Cockatoos of any variety.  While our main focus is on Cockatoos we do accept other parrot species and will work with other groups find them safe placement and/or permanent loving homes.


         We are a pro parrot group. We do not believe that any parrot should be kept in captivity and we strive to give our birds the best care and utmost freedom that is humanly possible. We understand that as long as there is money to be made, parrots of all varieties will be bred to be sold. We do not support breeders or pet shops where the focus is on money rather than what is in the best interest of the birds in their care. Many of these magnificant birds have spent their lives in breeder cages without being allowed to do what they simply want to do... be free, and we will not be a party to such a heinous act.


          While cockatoos seem at first glance to be sweet and cuddly, there is much more to attempting to keep them as pets. These beautiful birds end up in rescues because they are often misunderstood and the average person is not equiped to give these birds the care, devotion and attention that is required for their happiness and well being. 


           If you currently own a cockatoo and are having problems or your bird is developing issues we are more than willing to do our level best to provide education in the hopes that you are able to keep your feathered angel.  We understand that cockatoo ownership can be difficult and we are here to lend support and advice if needed.


Considering surrendering your cockatoo or have cockatoo questions please feel free to email us at:


Connie Picard (Director Too~ville Cockatoo Rescue of Hampton Roads)

Teresa Remiles (co-director)



 If you are thinking of surrendering your parrot we are able to provide safe and loving sanctuary and possible placement with new educated owners. Not all birds that come into our care will be re-homed.  Since our focus is on rehabilitation we carefully screen every bird that comes into our care.


Our policy in regards to re~homing birds is that any bird that comes into our care with issues related to health or behavior (ie:biting, screaming, plucking or self mutilation) are NOT re-homed. They will remain at Too~Ville where they will be given proper care according to their special needs. We have taken this stance because we believe that these "problem children" need more specialized care than the average person can provide.




 Are you considering buying a cockatoo? Please read my honest opinion on having a cockatoo in your life. If after reading it you still want to go ahead and get a cockatoo.... please look to your nearest rescue or sanctuary. There are so many beautiful loving birds awaiting permanent homes and you have the added benefit of adopting from knowledgable people who can help you find the right kind of parrot to have in your life.




Cockatoo ownership:


**Cockatoos are EXPENSIVE, their caging is EXPENSIVE, vet care is EXPENSIVE,  their diet is EXPENSIVE. If you cant afford to make such a hefty investment please DONT buy a cockatoo. You cant just throw some bagged parrot food in a cage and expect them to thrive, these birds need a variety of fresh fruits, vegis and other foods to keep them healthy.  You cook for them  at LEAST once a day.


Cockatoos need interaction with other birds or their humans. A cockatoo is a social and extremely EMOTIONAL bird. They have the mental capacity of a 2 or 3 year old child. Are you ready for that? Can you spend a few hours a day interacting and playing with your cockatoo?


Cockatoos who arent given the proper care

can and may resort to behavior such as screaming, biting and self mutilating. Its heartbreaking to see a beautiful bird who has plucked himself bald  or opened its own skin because their owners were unprepared for the depth of committment it takes to keep these birds.


 **Cockatoos are LOUD!!! I dont mean a little loud, these birds have the voice decibal of a jet engine and can be heard for blocks and have been known to carry on for what seems like hours. If you have close neighbors you are sure to get noise complaints. Imagine sitting with your ear directly on a speaker at an outdoor concert, this would be comprable to sitting in the room with an angry  screaming cockatoo.  And cockatoos WILL make themselves heard, even if they are happy they will scream and screetch even if its with joy.




**Cockatoos are DESTRUCTIVE!!!  These birds by nature are hard wired to chew anything and everything. They dont make the distinction between toys, furniture or wires. Its all fair game to a bird who loves to explore. They cannot be trained not to chew, its what they do, the nature of the beast and a cockatoo who is not given proper toys WILL resort to chewing whatever is available. These birds CANNOT be left unsupervised unless they are kept in a bird proofed room where they are given plenty to occupy their time and energy.



 **Most cockatoos are only a generation or two from being wild. Therefore their nature CAN be unpredictable. There is a VERY VERY good chance at some point you WILL get bitten.  Are you ready to take the chance of suffering a bite from a bird that can crack a nut in its beak? Do you have small children? Are you willing to take the chance that they might be bitten. A cockatoo bite is not only painful but CAN leave physical scars that last a lifetime.











These are actual bites suffered by a lady who has known and worked with cockatoos for a long time (thanks to Kim Hannah for allowing us to use these photos)








Im not trying to sound negative, Im really just trying to give you a fair warning of what to expect when you take on a lifetime with a cockatoo. These bird can live up to 90 years, with proper care they can outlive their owners.  Owning a cockatoo means changing your life to revolve around the BIRDS needs and wants, not yours. Vacations and life changes are difficult when you own a cockatoo. They dont usually adapt well to changes and disruption. It IS like having a small child in your care and you must go into cockatoo ownership aware and willing to give these birds the care they need, otherwise you are inflicted un-needed emotional and possible physical pain upon an innocent bird who wants nothing more than to be able to live according to its nature.





Hi all, my name is cheekeeta :) Im a 4.5 year old Caique parrot!!! I need a new mommy and daddy. Ones who are experienced with headstrong hormonal girls like me. With the right mommy and daddy I will make a great companion. Im lots of fun to watch and I love love love to show off for everyone around me. Please take me home!!! Adoption application and re-homing fee apply